Shipping & Returns

Please note that selecting the proper shipping method is the responsibility of the purchaser. You will have to select one shipping method during your checkout process. In case a package is lost and it is not trackable or recoverable due to the shipping method selected, Bravo Music cannot undertake the responsibility of replacing this lost package free of charge if there is no insurance coverage on it. If a package has been shipped insured and lost, the value of the insurance can be recovered from Japan Post. In that case, Bravo Music will resend the package with the same content as the original. However if the package was lost and the shipping method selected by the customer does not allow us to recover the value of the package (i.e. no insurance, no tracking shipping method was selected) from Japan Post, we cannot be held responsible to replace this package free of charge.

There are several shipping methods available from our website. Some of these are without any tracking and insurance, and choosing this may be risky for packages with high value. Often customers choose lower cost shipping without realizing that the method they selected does not have a tracking number. Please note that NOT all of the following methods are available for all destinations.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, JCB, and American Express.

Returns are limited to products that our inspectors determine have inherent manufacturing defects. Return shipping is the purchaser's responsibility. Customer misuse or damage is not an "inherent defect". Our products are of consistently high quality, and have exhibited few, if any defects.

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