[CD] Band Classics Library \"The Hounds of Spring\"

[CD] Band Classics Library "The Hounds of Spring"

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Conducted by Yoshihiro Kimura

This series collects great festival literature of the mid-twentieth century and presents it with sophisticated recording techniques featuring one of the world's finest new professional Wind Orchestras. Conductor Yoshihiro Kimura is widely acclaimed for his interpretive and compositional skills, and has collaborated with the HWO in the production of other significant recordings of unique and special literature.

1. The Hounds of Spring - Alfred Reed
2. Variations on a Korean Folk Song - John Barnes Chance
3. Manatee Lyric Overture - Robert Sheldon
4. Sinfonia Noblissima - Robert Jager
5. Romanesque - James Swearingen
6. Appalachian Overture - James Barnes
7. A Song of the Sea - Rex Mitchell
8. St. Anthony Variations - William H. Hill