[CD] Band Classics Library 3 \"Novena\"

[CD] Band Classics Library 3 "Novena"

  • Genre: Reference Recording CD
  • Publisher: Brain Music
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Conducted by Yoshihiro Kimura

Following "The Hounds of Spring" and "Alvamar" comes the third edition of the highly acclaimed BCL Series. The title piece is "Novena," Swearingen's popular overture that premiered in Japan. Other festival classics like "A Jubilant Overture" and "Incantation and Dance" are also revived in this great contemporary recording.

1. Novena - Rhapsody for Band / James Swearingen
2. Introduction and Fantasia / Rex Mitchell
3. A Jubilant Overture / Alfred Reed
4. Chester - Overture for Band / William Schuman
5-7.Songs of Wales / Albert Oliver Davis
8. Masque / W. Francis McBeth
9. Chorale and Capriccio / Caesar Giovannini
10. Introduction and Caprice /Charles Carter
11. Incantation and Dance / John Barnes Chance