About Brain Music International

About Brain Music International

Connecting people through music

Since 1976 Brain Music International's goal has been to connect people through music. Founders Ken and Yuriko Murakami nurtured the business from a small brick and motor to an internationally recognized multi-operational institution. In its 40-year history the company publishes and rents band literature, audio-/visual-records band and vocal contests, and represents fellow publishers worldwide. For BMI, it was never just about selling music or recording concerts or contests, but about seizing great moments of music-making and creating lifetime opportunities through devoted musicianship.

In its catalog of thousands of available titles, BMI represents and partners with many of the world's best known and most respected publishers, artists, songwriters, and arrangers. Being a market leader for concert band and chamber ensemble music publishing in Japan, the company feels responsible and obliged to offer the highest quality products for customers’ satisfaction and musical experiences.

BMI has been video-recording the All Japan Band Competition, with 14,000 bands participating annually, for almost four decades. With the quality of production and execution, the DVD and Blu-ray of "Japan's Best" appears worldwide as best-selling products. With its educational connections and expertise with band methodology, BMI also produces the WINDS Band Method DVD series to share successful fundamental training techniques as practiced by leading music educators in Japan, sharing essential concepts of band development for both students and instructors.

As an outreach operation, the company helps connect young musicians from around the world for united musical experiences. To date, we have facilitated thousands of musicians globally to join for once in a lifetime tours and events. As the founder's "work of lifetime," this reconfirms our philosophy to “connect people through music.”

The Murakamis received the Midwest Clinic’s International Award (2014) for their contributions to instrumental music awareness and education, reflecting The Midwest Clinic’s growing influence in the world band scene.

BMI operates out of three main facilities - corporate headquarters in Hiroshima, and offices in Tokyo and Florida (USA). Having offices in three major locations provides quick global access and facilitates smooth planning for customers’ musical adventure.

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About Bravo Music

Our American branch Bravo Music, established in 1999, serves as a portal to the greater Western music world, working closely with music education associations, publishers, and leading bands and conductors in the Americas and Europe. The independent evolution of great wind band programs in Japan and the West has been significantly demystified through the efforts of Bravo Music, helping to bring Japanese bands and composers into the mainstream of Western awareness. Aside from sharing thousands of available publications and recordings, Bravo Music has coordinated hundreds of musical exchanges in and out of Japan for groups ranging from secondary school age to command-level military bands. “Connecting through music” has indeed been the core of Bravo Music’s operation.

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