[DOWNLOAD] HAGE HEAD Ballade for Alto Saxophone Solo and Piano

[DOWNLOAD] HAGE HEAD Ballade for Alto Saxophone Solo and Piano

  • Composer: Takahashi, Hiroki
  • Grade: Intermediate
  • Duration: 1:40
  • Genre: Saxophone Solo
  • Publisher: Brain Music
  • Item No: DL-A0002-01


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Alto Saxophone

Originally written as a fun piece for solo piano, "HAGE HEAD Ballade" might first appear to evoke the poignant feelings associated with thinning hair (Hage means bald in Japanese), but that is not its intent. The title "H-A-G-E H-E-A-D" itself forms a musical motif (using the notes corresponding to the syllables in solf?ge: Si-La-So-Mi-Si-Mi-La-Re), which is repeated throughout the ballad. The piece concludes with the notes HG (Ha-Ge), sealing the theme. Following its initial presentation, an acquaintance expressed a desire to perform it on the saxophone, leading to its adaptation as the solo piece it is today. Despite its comedic origins, it has transformed into a beautiful and touching ballad, offering enjoyment to all listeners.

(Hiroki Takahashi)