[DOWNLOAD] Waltz No.7 Op.64-2 for Soprano Saxophone Solo and Piano

[DOWNLOAD] Waltz No.7 Op.64-2 for Soprano Saxophone Solo and Piano


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Soprano Saxophone

This piece is a waltz composed by Chopin in 1847 for solo piano, and it is one of the last works published during his lifetime. Although titled "Waltz," it incorporates elements of the mazurka in its theme, showcasing Chopin's compositional skills. Unlike traditional dance music, Chopin's waltzes were intended for concert performance rather than dance. Schumann reportedly said, "If one were to dance to a waltz, the partner must be a grande dame."

This work contrasts with Chopin's "Grande Valse Brillante" and other brilliant waltzes, offering a different flavor within his waltz compositions. It is relatively easier to perform compared to other Chopin pieces, making it popular among musicians. Originally in C-sharp minor, this arrangement is transposed down a semitone to C minor to accommodate the saxophone. The tempo marking, Tempo giusto, signifies "the correct speed," and the piece employs an unconventional rondo form or a composite ternary form in 3/4 time.

The introduction features waltz rhythms in the accompaniment with a melody that plays the mazurka. A piu mosso section introduces a circular motif?the middle section shifts to a major key, marked by a calm chromatic scale.

(Hiroki Takahashi)