Suite Bergamasque - Woodwind & String Bass Septet

Suite Bergamasque - Woodwind & String Bass Septet

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1. Pr?lude, 3. Clair de lune

Oboe (or Bb Clarinet)
Bb Clarinet
Eb Alto Saxophone
Bb Tenor Saxophone
Bb Bass Clarinet
String Bass

"Suite Bergamasque" was written around 1890 as a Debussy piano work. While this relatively early work retains influence of his predecessors, its literary and pictorial sense of color is definitely a step towards Impressionist music. The arrangement of this woodwind septet is a combination of two movements, first movement "Pr?lude" and third movement "Clair de lune", commissioned by the Urawa High School Band.
It was premiered by the school's woodwind septet.
This version is done for flute, oboe, clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, and contrebass (oboe part can be substituted by clarinet). By carefully controlling balance of each voice, the overall sound will be naturally integrated. In particular, due to the characteristics of the saxophone, if you play it as is, the volume may be two to three times that of other woodwinds, so please be careful.
The original is a piano piece, but when used in this setting, it is best considered a chamber ensemble. Regarding tempo, establish time with respect to the natural flow of air (breath). Please create a colorful "Suite Bergamasque" that makes the most of the expressive power of a chamber ensemble.

(Keiichi Kurokawa)