Carmen Rhapsody - Brass Octet

Carmen Rhapsody - Brass Octet

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Bb Trumpet (doubling Bb Flugelhorn)
Bb Trumpet
F Horn
2 Trombones

The opera "Carmen", composed by Georges Bizet (1838-1875), is "the most popular in the world" due to the combination of remarkable melodies scattered throughout and a highly dramatic and compelling story. Otherwise known as "opera".

This "Carmen Rhapsody" for brass octet has arranged in medley style the following songs from the opera: "Prelude to Act 1", "La garde montante (Children's Chorus)" (Act 1), "Toreador Song" (Act 2), "Si tu m'aimes, Carmen" (Act 4), and "Gypsy Dance" (Act 2).

The total duration is about 5:50, but for ensemble contest it is possible to perform within 5 minutes by utilizing the "optional cut" and "optional coda" in the score.

Study carefully the type of scene and kind of lyrics associated with each melody.

The scene of "La garde montante " at [B] has the instruction "Play to the side of the stage" for Trp. 2, because the setting is approaching the flower road, and the bell is facing the audience. Please play in a more appropriate direction. This is to produce a three-dimensional effect such as the difference in position between the stage (solo part) and the orchestra pit (the other seven players) in the opera.

Even after [C], don