[DOWNLOAD] Flower Crown for Viola Solo and Piano

[DOWNLOAD] Flower Crown for Viola Solo and Piano

  • Composer: Wada, Naoya
  • Grade: Intermediate
  • Duration: 5:15
  • Genre: Viola Solo
  • Publisher: Brain Music
  • Item No: DL-A0006-06


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The seamless circular garland of flowers is said to symbolize "eternal happiness." Its use in weddings, aimed at pledging eternal love, is believed to have started in 19th-century Europe. However, if we do not limit the context to weddings, its history goes even further back. Ancient festivals had customs and cultures of wearing crowns made of flowers and plants on one's head. It is also well-known that olive wreaths are presented to medalists at the Olympics as a symbol of honor. This piece focuses on the former tradition.

The allegro section is composed of themes of benevolence and happiness, while the middle section carries an image reminiscent of a wedding march. The original work was composed for a chamber ensemble of five performers and premiered in 2012.

This version for solo and piano was produced by commission of Mr. Chikara Kanno, principal solo flutist of the Hungarian Alvaregia Symphony Orchestra, and was premiered on July 17, 2023, at the Sapporo Clock Tower Hall by Mr. Kanno and pianist Mr. Sohei Yamagami.

(Naoya Wada)