[DOWNLOAD] Airs for Piano Solo

[DOWNLOAD] Airs for Piano Solo

  • Composer: Tajima, Tsutomu
  • Grade: Easy
  • Duration: 3:00
  • Genre: Piano Solo
  • Publisher: Brain Music
  • Item No: DL-A0014-01


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Airs was released as a test piece for the All-Japan Band Competition in 2004 and has since been frequently performed for various occasions and events such as graduation ceremonies, which brings me great joy.

In 2022, a version for flexible ensemble & band was published, and with the splendid support of a reference performance by the students of Tokyo College of Music, it has been very well received. Following this, as part of the second phase of the project, a series of "Airs" for solo wind instruments and piano is being sequentially published. On this occasion, we have also decided to publish a version for solo piano.

The Air in "Airs" refers to the air of the Londonderry Air, meaning a song. I hope it will be performed beautifully, gently, and sonorously as a piano solo.

(Tsutomu Tajima)