Tori no Iwa Kusu Fune no Kami (Sea Goddess) - Saxophone & Percussion Septet

Tori no Iwa Kusu Fune no Kami (Sea Goddess) - Saxophone & Percussion Septet

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Bb Soprano Saxophone (Angklung or Japanese Bell)
Eb Alto Saxophone (Angkulng or Japanese Bell)
Bb Tenor Saxophone (Angkulng or Japanese Bell)
Eb Baritone Saxophone (Angkulng or Japanese Bell)
[Percussion 1 ] Marimba, Suspended Cymbal
[Percussion 2 ] Temple Block, Bell Tree or Wind Chime, Tam-tam, Vibraphone, Japanese Low Drum or Bass Tom or Small Bass Drum, Japanese Bell or Sleigh Bell, Splash Cymbal
[Percussion 3 ] Timpani, Japanese Bell or Sleigh Bell , **Japanese Drum Set or 4 Toms, Suspended Cymbal, Shime-Daiko or Bongo, Hi-hat Cymbal
***Can be substituted to tom-tom

A god's ship in Japanese mythology... that is the title, "Tori no Iwa Kusu Fune no Kami." In 2006, I composed a quartet for a small Japanese drum, piano, marimba, and percussion.
I had been satisfied with its completion and had left it on the shelf without a premiere. Four years later, I received a commission from Ashiya Junior High School Wind Orchestra in Ashiya, Fukuoka Prefecture, and decided to revise this work for a saxophone and percussion ensemble.

Due to the new instrumentation, there are technical challenges, but it also gave birth to a new sound that hadn't existed before, making it very interesting.

The tempo indicated at the opening is just a guideline, so perform freely. Produce appropriate timber of long tones and others with long, expressive breaths. Starting from B, synchronize and enjoy the interplay with each part as you build the piece.

In the middle section from G, the alto sax's solo emerges from the deep, resonant sounds of the percussion. Perform it with a rich sound. At H, based on the mallet percussion's chorale, the saxophones create resonance with flutter-tonguing and angklung or bells (sparkling sounds). Make effective use of performance space to create visual effects.

* You may use a splash cymbal if available, and if not, you can strike the mallets together.

* If you have a Japanese Drum Set, such as Shime Taiko, Okedo Taiko, Hira Taiko, or Yagura Taiko, you can freely combine pitches for your performance. If not, you can substitute with Toms.

(Hiroaki Kataoka)