Haworthia - Wind & Percussion Octet

Haworthia - Wind & Percussion Octet

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Printed set (Score & Parts)
Flute (doubling Piccolo)
Bb Clarinet
Eb Alto Saxophone (doubling Eb Baritone Saxophone)
Bb Trumpet
F Horn
Trombone (or/doubling Euphonium)
[Percussion] Glockenspiel, Vibraphone, Djembe

"Haworthia" was commissioned by the Sonore Wind Ensemble (Fukui, Japan) in 2011. "Haworthia" is the name of the succulent plant "Haworthia of Tusa" of the lily family. It's a very cute plant, and I never get tired of watching it. The song has an African taste, named after the impression and loveliness of the particular plant, and its country of origin, South Africa.
The work is in three parts; differentiate each by creating individual characteristics. .
The djembe part is only a suggestion, and you may improvise as you wish. Although the trombone part switches with euphonium, you may play either instrument.

(Daisuke Shimizu)