Gershwin in Brass!! 2 - Brass Octet

Gershwin in Brass!! 2 - Brass Octet

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2 Bb Trumpets
2 F Horns
2 Trombones

This is the second arrangement of the work of George Gershwin (1898-1937), also called the "perfect musician" of American composition.

"Piano Concerto"
This is the introduction to the medley. Though there are only 8 measures, it should be dramatic. Due to the slightly complex harmony, the sounds may be dissonant but do not be afraid to play the correct pitch.

"Clap Yo' Hands"
Eighth notes with staccato or circumflex accent, play them evenly. Accompaniments have to sustain the tempo, which makes the polyrhythmic melody stable.

"Someone to Watch Over Me"
A ballad with a slow tempo. The trumpet solo at F may be played with a slight fake. The music calms down once in the ritard. before I, and from I should sound gorgeous.

"Fascinating Rhythm"
Play this even without bouncing the rhythm. Euph. part switches to wood blocks, so play them if possible. The wood block's quarter-note rhythm will make it more fascinating.

"I Got Rhythm"
Basically, the tempo of the previous song is maintained, but from here on, it will play in a swing. It's a light swing and splitting two eighth notes into a 2:1 ratio would be too heavy, so think of it as almost even. When practicing, it is also effective to have the drum play a swing pattern to grasp the groove.

This arrangement was commissioned by Kobari Junior High School Wind Orchestra in 2011 and premiered by their brass octet at the 35th Saitama Ensemble Contest on November 5, the same year.

(Keiichi Kurokawa)