[DVD] Mastery Clinic for Percussion Vol. 2 Snare Drum

[DVD] Mastery Clinic for Percussion Vol. 2 Snare Drum

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Lecturer / Performer: Yumiko Watanabe

After introducing percussion basics such as stick and mallet training and tone quality in “Basic Training Methods” Volume 1, Master Performer and coach Yumiko Watanabe now focuses on Snare Drum in her series describing the important role of percussion in any ensemble. A good knowledge of the instrument and its performance basics are required to be a productive member of a musical group.

[Foundations of Percussion performance - Snare Drum]
Types of Snare Drum / Set-up / Tuning
Grip / Form
Four Strokes / Paradiddle / Daily Exercise
Double Stroke / Roll / Rudiments
How to play rim: Rim Attack / Rim Shot / Stick Shot

As coach Watanabe describes and illustrates the many facets of snare drumming, students may consult and play along with notated examples of technical studies and rudiments that are written out and explained in careful detail. Her objective is not just basic knowledge of fundamental performance, but gaining a creative and confident grasp of the musical goals of effective ensemble membership. Ms. Watanabe and guest student performers provide the observer with excellent examples of training and execution, concluding the seminar with a brilliant trio performance.

[Bonus Track: Drum Head]
How, why and when to change snare drum heads

[Bonus Track: Special performance]
Snare drum trip
Crystal Beats (Eckhard Kopetzki)