[DVD] Mastery Clinic for Percussion Vol. 3 Bass Drum, Cymbals, Timpani, Tom-tom

[DVD] Mastery Clinic for Percussion Vol. 3
Bass Drum, Cymbals, Timpani, Tom-tom

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  • Publisher: Brain Music
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Lecturer / Performer: Yumiko Watanabe

Percussionist Yumiko Watanabe, performing and demonstrating with the help of students, introduces in great detail three major percussive instrument groups. Her overviews include the functional role of each instrument within the full ensemble, as well as its performance, maintenance, tonal options and expressive potential. The clinician engages and inspires the observer to be proactive in creating music and using each instrument to bring color and excitement into their respective ensembles.

Bass Drum
Explaining the Bass Drum
Tuning / Grip / Posture / Playing Method of Bass Drum
Muffling / Roll / Types of Mallets
Bass Drum in Smaller Groups / How to care for the Bass Drum

Introducing the Cymbals / Types of Cymbals

[Crash Cymbals] Explanation of Crash Cymbals
Attaching Hand Straps / Grip / Posture
Playing Method of Crash Cymbal / Muffling
Special Techniques / Conclusion

[Suspended Cymbal] Explanation of Suspended Cymbal
Mounting / Playing Method of Suspended Cymbal / Muffling / Types of Mallets
Special Techniques (Sizzle Cymbal / Wire Brush / Bow / Triangle Beater / Super Ball)
Handling the Suspended Cymbal / Conclusion

[Hi-hat Cymbals] Explaining Hi-hat Cymbals

Explaining the Timpani / Tuning / Setup / Posture / Grip
Playing Method of Timpani / Roll / Grace Notes / Glissando
Special Techniques / How to care for Timpani

Explanation of Tom-toms / Tuning / Setting Up
Placement of Tom-toms / Playing Method of Tom-toms
Drumsticks, Heads and Muffles / How to handle Toms