Warabe-Uta Fantasy Suite for Band

Fantasy Suite for Band

  • Composer: Minakuchi, Tohru
  • Grade: 4
  • Duration: 9:00
  • Genre: Concert & Festival
  • Publisher: Brain Music
  • Item No: COMS-85116
  • Inventory status: In stock

Printed set (Score & Parts)

I. Introduction - Kagome-Kagome
II. Anta-gata-dokosa
III. Toh-ryan-se
IV. Zui-Zui Zukkoro Bashi

Flute 1
Flute 2
Flute 3 (doubling Piccolo)
Eb Clarinet
Bb Clarinet 1 (div.)
Bb Clarinet 2 (div.)
Bb Clarinet 3 (div.)
Eb Alto Clarinet
Bb Bass Clarinet
Eb Alto Saxophone 1
Eb Alto Saxophone 2
Bb Tenor Saxophone
Eb Baritone Saxophone

Bb Trumpet 1 (div.)
Bb Trumpet 2/3
F Horn 1/2
F Horn 3/4
Trombone 1/2
Trombone 3
Euphonium (div.)
Tuba (div.)
String Bass

[Percussion 1 & 2] Wind Chime, Snare Drum, Bass Drum, Suspended Cymbal, Temple Blocks
[Percussion 3] Suspended Cymbal, Finger Cymbal, Marimba, Triangle, Temple Blocks
[Percussion 4] Sleigh Bell, Triangle, Temple Blocks, Xylophone, Finger Cymbal, Tam-tam, Bongo, Flexatone
[Percussion 5] Vibraphone, Suspended Cymbal, Xylophone

This fantasy includes traditional nursery songs Kagome-Kagome, Anta-gata-dokosa, Toh-ryan-se, and Zui-Zui Zukkoro Bashi. The original version was a dectet written for the trumpet ensemble "The Trumpet Concert". This wind band version premiered at the 2014 JWECC by recommendation of Taizo Okuyama, a member of The Trumpet Concert and the renowned Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra. Nursery songs'lyrics often have cryptic meanings. Imagine the mysterious world depicted by puzzling words and enjoy being in the moment of a magical land of nursery songs.