On the Night of Centaur Festival - Clarinet Trio

On the Night of Centaur Festival - Clarinet Trio

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3 Bb Clarinets

This is a trio arrangement of the original work for three clarinets and four percussion written for Yumi Terada's percussion ensemble CD series entitled "Drive". The original version can be heard on the CD titled "Drive III ? Chamber Ensemble Music for Winds and Percussion".
The music is inspired by the famous Japanese novel and anime source Ginga Tetsudo no Yoru* by Kenji Miyazawa. I have tried to capture the pastoral scene prior to the journey on the Galactic Railroad.

* Ginga Testudo no Yoru ? The English title "Night on the Galactic Railroad", sometimes translated as "Milky Way Railroad", "Night Train to the Stars", or "Fantasy Railroad in the Stars", is a classic Japanese fantasy novel by Kenji Miyazawa written around 1927. The novel was adapted as a 1985 anime film of the same title, as well as for various stage musicals and plays.