Whimsical and fragmentary music in triple time - Clarinet Quartet

Whimsical and fragmentary music in triple time - Clarinet Quartet

  • Composer: Abe, Yuichi
  • Grade: 6
  • Duration: 4:20
  • Genre: Clarinet Quartet
  • Publisher: Brain Music
  • Item No: ENMS-84383
  • Inventory status: In stock

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4 Bb Clarinets

This is the fourth work of the ensemble series commissioned by Mr. Masuya, the representative of "Albion Clarinet Varier" in Nagasaki prefecture. Since the second work is titled with "Études d'exécution transcendante", this song is "Études d'exécution transcendante III".

Since they are "etudes", each is based on one technique. The first is "chromatic scale", the second is "arpeggio", and the third is "rhythm and tonguing".

This third is a modern atonal song that incorporates various "fast" and "slow" triple times.

In the introduction, regular rhythms such as pulses gradually become intertwined. Play while sensing the "3 beats" that start. The point is that the "fast" part is not very emotional, so play mechanically while maintaining the tempo. Enjoy the geometric patterns drawn by the notes.

Make sure to play the abstract parts with a sense of a large triple time. The atmosphere will be even better if you take time with phrase transitions while paying attention to the resonance of the ensemble and the rhythm of breathing. Play the "fast" section in the latter half without getting too fast and rushing.

The bass section (especially 4th part) should be slightly stronger and firmer to improve overall sound. Since there are many parts that are continuously tongued with short sounds, standardize the pronunciation and volume. Skilled performance will make the audience forget that there are only four clarinets. Playing with a light sound without too much force will result in a more effective ensemble.

(Yuichi Abe)