Gershwin in Clarinets! - Clarinet Quartet

Gershwin in Clarinets! - Clarinet Quartet

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3 Bb Clarinets
Bass Clarinet

This quartet is a medley of pieces by George Gershwin (1898-1937), who is said to have created "American music", also known as a "perfect musician." It comprises the following 7 works.

Rhapsody in Blue
For the glissando at the beginning, use portamento as well known. Since it is the introduction to the entire medley, express the accompaniment figures as if the curtain of a lively story opens.

Although this is a simple motif, various rhythms are intertwined. Sustain the consistent tempo as well as play with a sense of fun and recognize relationships between voices.

Strike Up the Band!
Arranged in march style. The beats of the bass clarinet are the temporal center. Pay attention to the contradiction of strength and lightness.

Someone Watch Over Me
A ballad with slow tempo. H might be played with tempo rubato. The music calms down once at the ritardando before K, but from K, it should sound more gorgeous.

Fascinating Rhythm
The music should be played evenly, not bouncy. Play the bass clarinet melody aggressively. The slur from M will be contrasted with the scenes before and after.

'S Wonderful
Basically, the tempo will be consistent with the previous one, but a swing begins. However, since it is a fast-paced swing, splitting two eighth notes into "2 : 1" will stagnate the flow. If "Even" is indicated, play them evenly.

I Got Rhythm
Like the previous song, it is also swing, but it will be effective to play more positively because it will be in 4 at 2 measures before S. After V, fragments of "Rhapsody in Blue" gradually appear and eventually dominate the whole, finish the piece.

(Keiichi Kurokawa)