Antique Crochet - Percussion Quintet

Antique Crochet - Percussion Quintet

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[Percussion 1] Vibraphone, Xylophone, Crash Cymbals
[Percussion 2] Glockenspiel, Marimba,
[Percussion 3] Marimba, Snare Drum
[Percussion 4] Suspended Cymbal, Triangle, Tambourine, Bass Drum
[Percussion 5] Timpani
*2nd & 4th are parts for beginners

Crochet refers to a crochet needle or crocheting in French. Crochet is the method of knitting to create a whole work by several kinds of stiches such as chain stich and single stich. I composed this piece with combinations of small rhythm patterns like with crochet. It does not have specific view or emotion, so it would be wonderful to play this music with your own imagination.

Main pattern in the first half is the four vibe notes starting from the upbeat in the beginning. At B, this pattern moves from Mari, Vibes to Timp to Glock respectively. The main pattern of the quicker second half is the first six notes in F, including the upbeat of the Xylo. Around G, this pattern appears a lot off one beat. In both, it is important how to deal with the upbeat (as there are many phrases starting on upbeats). Practicing with metronome is important at first, but eventually the ensemble will be more musical when all five can play with good awareness of each others upbeats.

Like my previous work "Forest Echoes", standard instruments and methods are used to learn techniques utilized in wind and symphony orchestras. This piece is more difficult than Forest Echoes. Compared to 1 st , 3 rd and 5 th , 2 nd and 4 th parts are less difficult.

(Daiki Kato)