Lost Crystal - Percussion Quintet

Lost Crystal - Percussion Quintet

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[Percussion 1] Glockenspiel, Xylophone
[Percussion 2] Vibraphone
[Percussion 3] Timpani
[Percussion 4] Drum Set, Wind Chime
[Percussion 5] Suspended Cymbal, Wind Chimes, Bass Drum
*3rd & 5th are parts for beginners

Consider a crystal that records all the civilizations of ancient times. I envisioned the adventurers in search of a treasure that is said to sleep deep in a cave, and composed a percussion instrument quintet.

Various considerations have been made, such as no marimba, only two timpani (no pitch change), and a drum set for snare and toms so you can play with instruments common in school rehearsal rooms. For vibraphone, we recommend a hard mallet so it will not be buried by other instruments. Also, play the glockenspiel and xylophone that need to be moved to with the same mallet.

The role of each instrument is very important because of the simple instrumentation. Each scene is divided into "melody", "accompaniment", "rhythm ensemble", and "unison", so be careful of the overall balance.

(Yuto Shimazaki)