My Hometown - Flexible 6-8 Parts & Optional Percussion

My Hometown - Flexible 6-8 Parts & Optional Percussion

  • Composer: Hirose, Hayato
  • Grade: 3
  • Duration: 5:00
  • Genre: Adaptable Band
  • Publisher: Brain Music
  • Item No: FLMS-87008
  • Inventory status: In stock

Printed set (Score & Parts)
[Part 1] Flute, Oboe, Bb Clarinet, Bb Soprano Saxophone, Eb Clarinet
[Part 2] Oboe, Bb Clarinet, Eb Soprano Saxophone, Bb Trumpet, Eb Alto Saxophone
[Part 3] Bb Clarinet, Bb Trumpet, Eb Alto Saxophone
[Part 4] Trombone, Euphonium, Eb Alto Saxophone, Bb Clarinet, Bb Tenor Saxophone, F Horn
[Part 5] Trombone, Euphonium, Bassoon, Bb Clarinet, Bb Tenor Saxophone, F Horn
[Part 6] Tuba, String Bass, Bassoon, Bb Bass Clarinet, Eb Baritone Saxophone
[Percussion 1(optional)] Marimba, Vibraphone, Hi-Hat Cymbal, Bass Drum, Snare Drum
[Percussion 2(optional)] Glockenspiel, Triangle, Suspended Cymbal

"My Hometown" was composed in 2013 at the request of Brain Music. As the environment surrounding band keeps changing, with social factors like limited population and rehearsal time, the need for adaptable scoring grows.

Taking a closer look at where you live most of your days, you observe people from different backgrounds, and different occupations. You see that everyone is carrying on with life. As a member of that society, you will also feel that you are involved with family and others around you, spending your time supporting each other. This work was composed with the hope that those in a community could spend each day happily with commitment and affection while interacting with each other.

The piece is in A-B-A form with differing tempi, and while the scene changes, the music portrays warmth. Be careful not to be too heavy with your thoughts, rather perform lightly to impart a refreshing sentiment.

(Hayato Hirose)