[DVD] Harmony Training for the Ensemble

[DVD] Harmony Training for the Ensemble

  • Genre: Winds Method DVD
  • Publisher: Brain Music
  • Item No: BOD-7003A
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Theory, technique and practice for an ideal concert band sound

Building habits of good intonation and blend through increased awareness and effective daily exercise, and using Yamaha's remarkable new Harmony Director training keyboard to develop and reinforce essential listening and performing skills.

Proper Harmony Explained
Hiroshi Hoshina - Tuning with respect to overtones and determining appropriate chord balance. Mr. Hoshina provides clear examples of most effective harmony.

Creating the Perfect Chord
Yo Goto - Progressive daily training for the ensemble to recognize and produce accurate harmony while singing, buzzing mouthpieces and playing instruments. Model Band: J. P. Taravella High School Wind Orchestra.

Practical Use of the Harmony Director
Toshiro Ozawa - Applying the Harmony Director to ensemble development, with detailed explanation of Nomenclature, Basic Use and How to use in Band Training. Model Band: Kanagawa University Symphonic Band

Bonus Performance: Korean Dances / Chang Su Koh, Kanagawa University Symphonic Band / Toshiro Ozawa, Cond.

[Subtitled in traditional Chinese character]

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