Vocalise - Saxophone Quartet

Vocalise - Saxophone Quartet

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Eb Baritone Saxophone

Vocalise" Op. 34-14 is the last of 14 songs in Rachmaninoff's Op. 34, which was sung only in vowels. It's a beautiful melody that purifies your heart when performing and listening to it.
Don't get too caught up in the tempo of the trills that contain the phrases and the agogics that accompany the crescendos (but don't forget to balance them) so that they remain beautiful and musical. It is also important to embrace the melody line and set the singing style for each player. Naturally, the tone will change if the instrument changes, but study pitch and vibrato properties so that they are expressed as similarly as possible. E # → F # legato is easy to express smoothly by using Tf key. Feel the movement of the 16th notes in contrast to the measure 39, 43, 52 and 56. From [D] to the ending, please cherish the highest note of the melody line and listen to it endearingly. Maintain the last note full to the score so that each note lingers forever.

(Satoshi Yagisawa)