[CD] Musashino Academia Musicae Wind Ensemble Vol.21

[CD] Musashino Academia Musicae Wind Ensemble Vol.21

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  • Publisher: Brain Music
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Venue: Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall, Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre

Conductor: Terry Austin, Ray E. Cramer

Performer:Musashino Academia Musicae Wind Ensemble

1. Dmitri Shostakovich(arr.Donald Hunsberger) : Festive Overture,Op.96
2. Julie Ann Giroux : Hymn for the Innocent
3. Wilhelm Zehle(edit.Timothy Rhea) : Wellington March
4. Kevin M.Walczyk : Symphony No.4 "Unforsaken"
5. Michael Markowski : joyRiDE
6. Peter Meechan : Fragile Oasis 
i. The Lights From Above
ii. The Storm From Above (part 1)
iii. Freye
iv. The Storm From Above (part 2)
v. The Oasis From Above
7. John Philip Sousa (edit.Loras John Schissel) Wisconsin Forward Forever March
David Maslanka : Give Us This Day - Short Symphony for Wind Ensemble
8. I.Moderately slow
9. II.Very fast