[DVD] Mastery Clinic for Saxophone

[DVD] Mastery Clinic for Saxophone

  • Genre: Winds Method DVD
  • Publisher: Brain Music
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1. Basic Points You Should Know

a) Saxophone assembly /Posture
b) Breathing
c) Embouchure
d) Fingering
e) Daily Training
f) Maintenance

The clinician discusses and demonstrates fundamentals of saxophone assembly and care, detailed aspects of breathing, tone production, and supportive daily exercises. Includes close views of proper embouchure placement and effective finger technique, articulations, and long tone exercises, with many reinforcement practice suggestions and self-help options.

2. Make playing even more fun

a)Solutions for common problems b) Useful technique to improve
For advancing musicianship, upper and lower registers, vibrato, faster finger and tonguing technique, alternate fingerings, portamento and glissando, and pops style playing are addressed and performed.

3. Saxophone family

Proper, as well as improper use of the Soprano, Tenor and Baritone Saxophones is demonstrated.

4. Learn more about the saxophone!

After a discussion of saxophone construction materials and qualities, a detailed explanation of types and selection of mouthpieces, reeds and ligatures is carefully presented.

5. Performance

Dance Bohemienne / C. Debussy
Inter mezzo from "L'Arlesienne" / G. Bizet
Le Cygne / C. Saint-saens
Csardas / V. Monti

6. Let's practice together

Inspirational daily training exercises the teach and reinforce use of long tones, tonguing, vibrato, technical speed and portamento. The concept or style is demonstrated with repetition for student response, practice and achievement.

[Subtitled in English/traditional Chinese character]