[DVD] Mastery Clinic for Trumpet

[DVD] Mastery Clinic for Trumpet

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  • Publisher: Brain Music
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1. Introduction

Planning for effective study, including keeping a practice diary.

2. You Should Know! Basics:

Important fundamentals are discussed and shown, including posture, breathing, embouchure, tuning, warm-up methods, and essential components of daily exercise are presented including long tones, scales, tonguing and lip slurs, with play-along score samples.

3. Have fun in playing music! Applied points:

Solutions to common problems are addressed, including fatigue, extreme register challenges, vibrato, finger technique, intervals and tonguing.

4. Learn more about the trumpet

Options for mouthpieces, qualities of various contruction materials, mutes, and detailes about all types of maintenance and care.

5. Let's try! Doubling Instruments:

Characteristics of, and performance suggestions for cornet, flugelhorn and piccolo trumpet.

6. Time for Advancement

Specific studies for improving lip slurs, tonguing, interval accuracy and accelerated fingering.

7. Model performance: wonderful presentation by four instruments

Trumpet - Carnival of Venice / H. L. CLARKE
Cornet - CHORAL "Jesus que ma joie demeure" / J. S. BACH
Flugelhorn - AVE MARIA / F. SCHUBERT
Piccolo trumpet - SINFONIA to "Il Giardino di Amore" / A. SCARLATTI

[Subtitled in English/traditional Chinese character]