[DVD] Young Bands/Young directors

[DVD] Young Bands/Young directors

  • Genre: Winds Method DVD
  • Publisher: Brain Music
  • Item No: BOD-7016A
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One of our most revealing and diverse WINDS issues, “Young Bands/Young Directors” offers dozens of views of essential fundamental concepts used in organizing and training the band. Intended as an aid for younger teachers and programs, this presentation benefits all groups by describing sources of motivation and camaraderie, effective routines and practices for posture, breathing, sound production, individual and sectional practice, tuning and sound shaping. Balanced sound for ensembles of 15 to 55 players, instrumentation issues, and techniques for achieving and maintaining balance and blend are demonstrated. One high school and two junior high bands offer the “basic fundamentals” on video for directors’ and students’ inspiration.

[Subtitled in traditional Chinese character]