Song Without Name - Brass Trio/Quartet/Quintet

Song Without Name - Brass Trio/Quartet/Quintet

  • Composer: Hirose, Hayato
  • Grade: 4
  • Duration: 4:30
  • Genre: Brass Trio
  • Publisher: Brain Music
  • Item No: ENMS-84532
  • Inventory status: In stock

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Printed set (Score & Parts)
You can choose the instrument from each part and play as brass trio, quartet or quintet.
[Part 1] Bb Trumpet
[Part 2 (optional)] Bb Trumpet or F Horn
[Part 3] F Horn or Bb Trumpet or Trombone or Euphonium
[Part 4 (optional)] F Horn or Trombone or Euphonium
[Part 5] Trombone or Bass Trombone or Euphonium or Tuba

"Song Without Name" was composed in 2019 for brass trio, quartet or quintet.
After a slow introduction to the song, the music develops in a fast-slow-fast form, and the gentle melody is played again in coda. I composed this piece in the hope of realizing the day in spite of endless questions without answers: why we are living, where we are going.

The instrumentation can be played with a minimum of Trp, Hr (or Trp / Trb / Euph), Trb (or Euph / Tuba / BsTrb) brass trio. As a quartet, you can add either "Part 2 (select from Trp / Hr)" or "Part 4 (select from Hr / Trb / Euph)" as an optional part. If you add both, you can play as brass quintet in maximum.

Brass Trio:
"Trp / Hr / Trb"
"Trp / Trp / Trb"
"Trp / Trb / Trb"
"Trp / Trb / Tuba" etc.

Brass Quartet:
"Trp / Part 2 (Trp) / Hr / Trb"
"Trp / Part 2 (Hr) / Trb / Euph"
"Trp / Hr / Part 4 (Hr) / Trb"
"Trp / Trp / Part 4 (Trb) / Tuba" etc.

Brass Quintet:
"Trp / Part 2 (Trp) / Hr / Part 4 (Trb) / Trb"
"Trp / Part 2 (Hr) / Trb / Part 4 (Euph) / Tuba" etc.

Performance Notes
If Part 2 or Part 4 is not added, play the cue in "parentheses ( )" on the score.

(Hayato Hirose)