[DVD] Mastery Clinic for Bassoon with Chinese subtitles

[DVD] Mastery Clinic for Bassoon with Chinese subtitles

  • Genre: Winds Method DVD
  • Publisher: Brain Music
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The talented and entertaining professional Masayuki Okamoto engagingly shares his fascination with the bassoon, presenting essential details in a clear and understandable manner, encouraging instrument.

1. Basic points you should know
Assembly, posture, breathing and embouchure; performance details including tonguing, long tones, fingerings and related issues, half-hole, speaker key, playing scales and arpeggios. Care, maintenance and handling of the bassoon are also known.

2. Having fun playing music. Applied Points
The clinician begins by solving expected problems with upper and lower registers, tone quality and inconsistent tone. He then demonstrates more advanced techniques of staccato and legato playing, dealing with technical passages, harmonizing and development and use of vibrato.

3. Basic knowledge about reeds
An important and invaluable tutorial on reeds including selection, characteristics of sound such as response, range, heaviness and intonation, and manipulating tone and pitch.
Mr.Okamoto continues with a detailed and informative look at making and shaping your own reeds.

4. Let's play together
Enjoy the great experience of practicing with a master bassoonist on a variety of included studies. The clinician demonstrates, and has you participate in studies of  long tones, tonguing exercises, scales, arpeggios, vibrato training, and examples of playing harmony.

The clinician imparts a sense of confidence in mastering performance aspects of the bassoon, gained through increased understanding and a methodical application of useful study techniques.