[DOWNLOAD] Spring Songs - Saxophone Quartet

[DOWNLOAD] Spring Songs - Saxophone Quartet


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Haru Yo Koi (Come Spring) - Haru ga Kita (Spring has come) ? Haru no Ogawa (Whisper, Whisper Little stream) ? Dokoka de Haru ga (Spring Somewhere) - Hana (Flowers) - Soshunfu (Early Spring) - Kojo no Tsuki (Moon over the Ruined Castle) - Sakura Sakura - Chatsumi (Tea Picking)

Bb Soprano Saxophone
Eb Alto Saxophone
Bb Tenor Saxophone
Eb Baritone Saxophone

There are many seasonal children's folk songs in Japan. This time I composed a song with the theme of "spring". The song moves to the bright "Haru ga Kita (Spring has come)" with the signal of the first song, "Haru Yo Koi (Come Spring)" (to be exact, it's a winter song because spring hasn't come yet). After Vivaldi's "Spring" comes out a little, the song changes to the quiet " Haru no Ogawa (Whisper, Whisper Little stream)" and " Dokoka de Haru ga (Spring Somewhere)".
After regaining energy with "Hana (Flowers)" and playing a waltz-like "Soshunfu (Early Spring)", the song has a Japanese taste at once, and the songs "Kojo no Tsuki (Moon over the Ruined Castle)" and "Sakura Sakura" proceed at the same time. There is also a bridge between Vivaldi, and the end is a light samba-style "Chatsumi (Tea Picking)".
In terms of lyrics, it is a medley with a story that summer is approaching and ending.

(Hiroki Takahashi)