[DOWNLOAD] Rumba Sequence - Clarinet Quartet

[DOWNLOAD] Rumba Sequence - Clarinet Quartet


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4 Bb Clarinets

Commissioned by Soka Gloria Wind Orchestra for the 2002 Ensemble Contest.
"Rumba" is Cuban black folk music for percussion and chorus. It has complex rhythms including polyrhythm. The rumba recognized in dance is not the same as the Cuban rumba, and is thought to be a variant of the country's folk dance song having a similar name.
The original rumba, which has a sense of earthly dynamism, is based on various rhythmic structures, very difficult to write on a score. I tried to imitate that atmosphere by combining relatively simple rhythms. The opening part, where syncopated rhythms gradually overlap and develop into one big rhythm pattern, symbolizes the basic image of the whole work.
The title "sequence" refers to "repetitive progression" in musical terminology, but here it simply means "continuous rumba".

(Kazuhiro Morita)