[DOWNLOAD] Terpsichore I - Brass Octet

[DOWNLOAD] Terpsichore I - Brass Octet


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3 Bb Trumpets
F Horn
2 Trombones

In the autumn of 1993 this work was commissioned by my friend Mikinao Sasaki, director of Kawagoe Technical High School Band, for ensemble contest. "Terpsichore" is a collection of songs that Michael Praetorius (1571-1621) arranged and edited from classical dance music passed from French to German court in the early 17th century. Some of its 312 pieces for four to six voices are standards in the genres of early music and chamber brass.

This work was intended to be reconstituted as new music by altering rhythms and harmonies, using only melodies from Praetorius. I checked my edition from ten years ago and found parts to be simply arranged and unsatisfactory. I retained the first manuscript in order to utilize my ideas from those days. The source names of the melodies quoted from "Terpsichore" are written on each part, so you can refer to the source book if you have it.

(Kazuhiro Morita)