[DOWNLOAD] Romanian Folk Dances - Saxophone Sextet

[DOWNLOAD] Romanian Folk Dances - Saxophone Sextet


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Bb Soprano Saxophone
2 Eb Alto Saxophones
2 Bb Tenor Saxophones
Eb Baritone Saxophone

This was written in September 2002 by commission of the saxophones of Urawa High School band. It premiered on November 19, 2002 at the 26th Saitama Ensemble Contest held at the Kuki Sogo Bunka Kaikan.

It consists of the following 6 movements:
I. Jocul cu bâta
From the province of Marosh Torda, in the central part of the Transylvania Mountains. Make sure that the notes of the accompaniment quarter notes are well aligned. Express sf effectively.

II. Brâul
A peasant dance from the province of Torontal. Helpful to add a moderate amount of agogic accent.

III. Pe loc
This song is also from Torontal. Play the soprano solo very expressively.

IV. Buciumeana
It belongs to the province of Torda Alanosh. The tenor saxophone melody in the first half can be easily buried by accompaniment; balance carefully.

V. Poarga româneasca
From Bihar County, bordering Hungary. Capture the unusual feeling of 3 + 3 + 2 beats. Careful not to lose tempo when voices change.

VI. Ma runtelul
Two songs are combined. The first is taken from Bihar and the second song is from Torda Alanosh. Feel the rhythm centered on the accompaniment, and at the same time, gradually raise the excitement level towards the climax.

(Keiichi Kurokawa)