[DOWNLOAD] Good Morning! - Flute Quartet

[DOWNLOAD] Good Morning! - Flute Quartet


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4 Flutes

[From composer]
In the morning, the sun rises, plants begin to photosynthesize, a lot of oxygen is produced, and birds sing in gratitude. I came to realize that we can live and play flute because of the rich greenery. This is a song about birds' appreciation.
This was composed in the fall of 2002 for "a concert celebrating the 40th anniversary of the debut of flautist Koichi Ito (Kyoto Concert Hall Recital Hall on January 5, 2003)". Premiered by Hidenori Takebayashi, Noriko Mizukoshi, Haruhiko Fukuda, and Shiro Murata, all students of Koichi Ito.
(Itaru Sakai)

[From Player]
Koichi Ito taught us how wonderful Cantabile is.
"Good morning!" Gives us flautists the joy of expressing the cantabile of little birds.
(Hidenori Takebayashi, flute, Kyoto Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra)