[DOWNLOAD] Rhapsody in Blue - Saxophone Quartet

[DOWNLOAD] Rhapsody in Blue - Saxophone Quartet


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Bb Soprano Saxophone (doubling Eb Alto Saxophone)
Eb Alto Saxophone
Bb Tenor Saxophone
Eb Baritone Saxophone

Whenever I performed "Rhapsody in Blue" as an orchestra member, the beautiful solos for clarinet and piano truly moved me. Ultimately I couldn't resist the desire to perform those melodies and arrange the work for saxophone quartet. In the introduction, the soprano player performs a glissando on alto instead of soprano, playing the lower octave (D to D) with fingers and the rest (from D to G) by embouchure and half-keys. For this section, an optional part for soprano is provided if you prefer it. At section K, where slap-tonguing is used, the bari solo can be performed freely with the accompaniment parts carefully balanced under the solo. For section M, unify the tutti sound around a beautifully resonant harmony with close attention to the melody. The lowest notes for soprano are written; please control their volume. From P, double tonguing is used. Enjoy the exhilarating pace, and changing from double to single tonguing as the tempo warrants. Special techniques are required for this work; use them as tools, but do not let them affect the musicality or quality of performance.

(Kin'ichi Nakamura)