[DOWNLOAD] Rhapsody - Euphonium & Tuba Quartet

[DOWNLOAD] Rhapsody - Euphonium & Tuba Quartet


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2 Euphoniums
2 Tubas

I composed "Rhapsody" in December of 2003, as commissioned by bari-tuba ensemble group Tubium. The term "Rhapsody" is defined as "an enthusiastic expression of feeling" and "a state of elated bliss." It also means, in Greek, "an ethnic history (of a nation)" and "an ancient Greek epic poem."
Composer Akira Toda, director of the group, requested a piece that would improve the ensemble's repertoire. The above definitions became key terms of mine as I developed this piece. It is easy for anyone, starting with Junior and Senior High School students, to rehearse and perform this piece because of its cheerful and clear style.

(Satoshi Yagisawa)