[DOWNLOAD] Fioritura - Flute Quartet

[DOWNLOAD] Fioritura - Flute Quartet


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4 Flutes

This piece was commissioned by the Fiore flute ensemble group and completed in August of 2004. As the members of Fiore are my colleagues from college, I knew they began performing two years ago to illustrate the greatness of the flute quartet. My intention in this piece is to have music enjoyable for everyone, not only the players. The title "Fioritura" has its origin in Italian, which means 'blooming flower', as well as 'decorated melody' or 'past quickly'. I selected it wishing the flute ensemble group Fiore, which means flower, would bloom beautifully as does a blossom. I will be pleased if many people play this piece in concert, contest, or even for fun.

(Satoshi Yagisawa)