[DOWNLOAD] Brindavan - Flute Sextet

[DOWNLOAD] Brindavan - Flute Sextet


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I. II.

2 Flutes
3 Flutes (doubling Piccolo)
Alto Flute

This piece contrasts the passiveness and aggression of two movements. The first offers solos, especially for the alto flute. It is important to maintain a careful balance between melody and harmony. Observe tenuto for quarter note in the flute. In the second movement detail every single note with close attention to the sixteenths. While striving for accuracy, still respect the melodic line, and as the alto flute assumes the melody, continue to maintain balance. Be assertive with quint- and sextuplets. Brindavan is a harem in India. I have an image of fountains and a lush garden. The arpeggiation is suggestive of falling and shimmering water. That is how I came to the title of this piece.

(Rika Ishige)