[DOWNLOAD] Arabesque No. 1 - Saxophone Quartet

[DOWNLOAD] Arabesque No. 1 - Saxophone Quartet


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Bb Soprano Saxophone
Eb Alto Saxophone
Bb Tenor Saxophone
Eb Baritone Saxophone

"Arabesque" means Arabian, or Arabian style. It originates from an ornamental style that interlaces simulated foliage in an intricate design. Debussy was inspired by Arabesque, as he elaborated with this fine piece for piano. As seen in works such as "Prelude a l'apres-midi d'un faune" and "La mer", Arabesque was attractive to Debussy's world and helped connect his world to others. He created a deeply beautiful scene blending the lines of melody and rhythm with the use of duple and triple meter.

The three introductory voices should use a lingering, sostenuto effect to evoke the most beauty from the arpeggios. From the 6th measure, express a difference in color between the eighth notes (not rushed-kept steady) and the soprano's repeated triplets which can be played freely. At letters D and G, unify the ensemble sound, and affect tempo and volume variations as one, not individually, for greater musicality. In section E, pay close attention to the tempo when passing from tenor and alto to soprano.

Note how well-blended sounds and different rhythms merge together, coalesce, and disperse like Arabesque ornamentation. I anticipate wonderful, lively performances.

(Kin'ichi Nakamura)