[DOWNLOAD] Street in Marina - Euphonium & Tuba Quintet

[DOWNLOAD] Street in Marina - Euphonium & Tuba Quintet


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1. Prologue of Morning Calm
2. Wedding Ballad
3. Scherzo of Evening Calm

2 Euphoniums
3 Tubas

This piece was commissioned in 2004 by the euphonium tuba ensemble Bass Blaeser. It has three movements: 1. Prologue of Morning Calm, 2. Wedding Ballad, and 3. Scherzo of Evening Calm. One of the members of Bass Blaeser was getting married at that point, so the second movement is a lyrical and stylish ballad. This piece was meant to be a wedding gift from other members and myself. Originally, it was written for three euphoniums and two tubas, a bit unusual, but it also can be played with two euphoniums and three tubas. Most harmonies and rhythms are common and the range I used is average, so that many people can play and enjoy it.

(Hidetoshi Takumi)