[DOWNLOAD] Spirit Road II - Clarinet Quintet

[DOWNLOAD] Spirit Road II - Clarinet Quintet


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4 Bb Clarinets
Bb Bass Clarinet

A clarinet quintet version of the March "Spirit Road" was commissioned by Rakuno Gakuen University Wind Orchestra in 1997. This revision premiered on May 13, 2007 at the 4th Concerto D'amore Regular Concert led by Seiji Sagawa.
Through this unusual march, a young band or ensemble can focus a feeling of optimism that will inspire their own spirit and musical direction.
Since it is a typical march, though in A-B-A form, the composition is easy to grasp. The principal beat rapidly jumps from 1 to 4, but since the tempo is constant, it should be a march for everyone without problem. I don't think there is any inconvenience in either playing or listening.
The piece is mixed with various musical elements and styles. Like life itself. I hope you enjoy playing.

(Eiji Suzuki)