[DOWNLOAD] Snow Reflection Fantasy - Flute Trio

[DOWNLOAD] Snow Reflection Fantasy - Flute Trio


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3 Flutes

Snow Reflection Fantasy for Flute Trio was written for a flute ensemble CD project. I am often invited to Japan's northeastern region as an ensemble contest adjudicator and can walk to performance venues in the snow. Sitting on the train, I see the lights from the windows softly reflected on the snow in the evening's darkness.

During contest intermissions, as I look out, fine snow is falling. It's very romantic to watch as a great silence reigns over this snowy world. Visualize powdery snow falling out of one's hands, and avoid dragging the tempo at the beginning by playing too lyrically. In the middle, portray fine snow being blown away by a strong wind.

(Hirokazu Fukushima)