[DOWNLOAD] Triple Scoop Ice Cream - Flute Trio

[DOWNLOAD] Triple Scoop Ice Cream - Flute Trio


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I. Strawberry (1:40)
II. Vanilla with Chocolate Chunk (1:30)
III. Green Tea Flavored! (1:20)

3 Flutes

So far, I have written four flute ensembles: the quartets Fioritura, Coloratura, Capricious Winds, and the sextet Divertimento, all enjoyed by a wide range of players ranging from junior and senior high school students to adult groups, for contests and concerts. I received ardent requests for a future work that is pleasant to rehearse with familiar-sounding melodies.

Triple Scoop Ice Cream fulfills those expectations. As far as I know, flautists like ice cream! So, I chose this theme for their complete enjoyment.
The finished work is very cute. Enjoy it deliciously! (Careful not to eat too much before performance!)
Many people gave me ideas while formulating this piece. In particular, I got the scoop about ice cream from Rie Nagase, flute player of the band "Kurume City Brass" in Fukuoka Prefecture. The premiere was performed by members of "Flute Ensemble Lan" for a CD on the Plarm Yokohama label.

(Satoshi Yagisawa)