[DOWNLOAD] Three Short Tales of the Sea - Saxophone Quartet

[DOWNLOAD] Three Short Tales of the Sea - Saxophone Quartet


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1. Through the Dream 2. The Sandcastle 3. The Banana Boat

Bb Soprano Saxophone
Eb Alto Saxophone
Bb Tenor Saxophone
Eb Baritone Saxophone

Commissioned by La Mer Saxophone Quartet in 2008.

Program notes from the premier:
Because it was a work for the La Mer Saxophone Quartet, I made three small songs with the theme of the sea. That said, the theme of each song is not the sea itself, but the sea and things that were on the beach in my dreams.
When I usually write songs, I feel reluctant to write what comes to my mind as it is. That's because I think one should think twice before writing. However, over-thinking sometimes renders the first idea small and boring, or the melody becomes unnatural.
This time, I tried to write the song as honestly as possible, which is the opposite of what I usually do.
I. Before I wake, the sea from my dreams
II. Waves swept away a sandcastle during the night
III. Banana boat running on the sea

(Rika Ishige)