[DOWNLOAD] Snow of an Aynu Village - Wind & Percussion Octet

[DOWNLOAD] Snow of an Aynu Village - Wind & Percussion Octet


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Flute (doubling Piccolo)
Bb Clarinet
Eb Alto Saxophone
Bb Trumpet
F Horn
[Percussion] Vibraphone, Suspended Cymbal, Tam-tam, Timpani (2), Triangle, Wood Blocks, Wind Chimes

Because the commission request was from a junior high school in Hokkaido (the northernmost state in Japan), I have decided to do a piece featuring Aynu folk songs. Snow of an Aynu Village represents people in Aynu village living strongly and worshiping gods in snow.

Please remember to keep a good balance the whole time especially in the brass section as the ensemble blend and balance are keys for playing chamber winds.

(Hirokazu Fukushima)