[DOWNLOAD] Lament of Artemis - Clarinet Octet

[DOWNLOAD] Lament of Artemis - Clarinet Octet


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Eb Clarinet
4 Bb Clarinets
Eb Alto Clarinet
Bb Bass Clarinet
Eb Contra-alto Clarinet

This is the third work commissioned by Takanawadai Senior HS Band following Capriccio and Pater Noster. Artemis is the goddess of hunting and chastity in ancient Greek mythology. She is also goddess of the moon, being twin sister of Apollo, the sun god. She fell in love with her mighty hunting companion, Orion, but her brother Apollo disapproved and tricked Artemis into shooting Orion with her own artful bow and arrow. Artemis, who later learned the truth, was so devastated that she asked the gods to bring Orion back to life, though impossible to do. So her father, Zeus (King of the Gods), elevated Orion up in the sky and made him the famous "Orion" star to comfort Artemis. Greek mythology is complicated and with varying interpretations, but this work is composed based upon that tale.
Last but not least, I received much advice from clarinetist Jun Tsukimura, who helped when I composed Pater Noster as well. I would also like to thank Shinsuke Hashimoto (clarinet, Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra), and Koji Miura (clarinet, Nagoya Wind Symphony) for their guidance. My sincere gratitude goes to all of them for their support.

(Satoshi Yagisawa)