[DOWNLOAD] A Paean for Earth - Brass Octet

[DOWNLOAD] A Paean for Earth - Brass Octet


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2 Bb Trumpets
F Horn
2 Trombones

"Ensemble Fanfare" commissioned a little avant-garde music using the program of "Gaia".
Gaia's theme within regulation five minutes was too much to tackle, so I based the music on "environmental destruction" which is consistent with Gaia. The has a heavy, chaotic introduction, a beautiful chorale in the middle plus a coda. After the reprise in the second half, the music asks "In which direction is the future headed?"

(Hiroki Takahashi)

Ensemble Fanfare
Founded in 1997, the group's home base is Iida City, Nagano Prefecture. Its philosophy is to "play an unknown masterpiece". Two operational themes are "pursuit of higher musicality" and "give back to the local community"