[DOWNLOAD] Dithyrambos - Percussion Octet

[DOWNLOAD] Dithyrambos - Percussion Octet


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[Percussion 1] Glockenspiel, Suspended Cymbal
[Percussion 2] Chimes, 3 Japanese temple bell, Marimba
[Percussion 3] Vibraphone
[Percussion 4] Marimba
[Percussion 5] 3 Triangle, Gong, Bass Drum, Sleigh Bells, Snare Drum
[Percussion 6] Bongos, Congas, Hi-hat Cymbal, Tam-tam, Finger Cymbal, Wind Chimes, Suspended Cymbal
[Percussion 7] 4 Tom-toms, Bamboo Chime, Suspended Cymbal
[Percussion 8] Timpani

Composed in 2006 by commission of Ina Gakuen HS Wind Orchestra. Dithyrambos is a Greek God as well as the description of a choral ring dance from the festival of Dionysus, symbolic of Spring and resurrection of nature and life. Dithyramb was originally part of this folk spring event celebrated around the altar of God, but in modern times it is also used as a term for passionate music and expression. I hope this work will be enjoyed at many occasions including ensemble contests and concerts.

(Satoshi Yagisawa)