[DOWNLOAD] A Time to Fly - Euphonium & Tuba Quintet

[DOWNLOAD] A Time to Fly - Euphonium & Tuba Quintet


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3 Euphoniums
2 Tubas

This piece was commissioned by the Shobi Bari Tuba Ensemble (Tokyo) in 2008, and premiered at its 25th regular concert in January of the following year. For the premiere, the piece was for four Euphoniums and two Tubas. The composer made additions and corrections at the time of publication, and the present quintet (three Euphonium, two Tuba) was adopted.

The celebratory first section opens with a solemn fanfare in 6/8 time, followed by a serene middle section in which the main melody alternates and each player plays beautiful music. The lively third section gradually builds energy and excitement, leading to a spectacular ending.

When performing, it is recommended to vary tone color according to the scene and the musical instructions and to play the third section with a sense of groove and dynamism to avoid being too heavy.

(Hayato Hirose)